Victor B. Dickson, President & CEO, Safer Foundation

Poverty, Prisons & Promise

Victor B. Dixon will shine a spot light on how reentry programs assist people with criminal records in rebuilding their lives. Dixon, will highlight the impact on business and community and the actions business leaders can take to provide mutually beneficial solutions.

Frank Nicholas
about 5 years agoDecember 1, 2015
The presentation by Mr. Dickson was very powerful and motivating. We believe in the process of helping detained and formerly detained people turn their lives around. Safer Foundation helps change lives like nobody else. Helping men and women attain their GEDs is one of their first objectives. Work skills are also taught through Safer. Certification trumps records. Please make a tax deductible contribution to Safer Foundation and help in this process. It all takes dollars. Yours will help so much. 312-922-2200
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